Atif has over a decade of experience in the financial industry, with more than half of it as a mortgage professional. Starting his career at one of the big five banks, Atif took on various roles before finding his passion as a mortgage specialist. After a few years at the bank, Atif joined one of the largest mortgage brokerages in Canada as an independent mortgage associate. His ambition, hard work, and the support of his community lead him to gaining the title as a top mortgage producer. Atif is now the Principal Broker of DLC Atlas Mortgage Group, a brokerage serving clients in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Atif provides services in:

Atlas Mortgage Group

With a wealth of knowledge, passion for innovation, and his commitment to providing an excellent client experience, Atif created Atlas Mortgage Group, a brokerage in line with his vision and values. As the principal broker leading a large team of mortgage associates, Atif formed Atlas Mortgage Group on the basic principles of providing the highest standard of client service. Atlas has built strong relationships with major banks and lenders, allowing the team to offer clients the best mortgage products and services to suit their specific needs. The Atlas team is dedicated to providing knowledgeable and transparent advice to all their valued clients.